Chris Loesch is a writer and music producer, but more importantly, a manager to his wife, Dana Loesch, who is a spokesperson for National Rifle Association. He is also a keen hunter and passionate gun lover, which can be further justified with his social media posts.

Early life and career details

Loesch was born on June 22, 1971, in the state of Oklahoma. He enrolled at Jefferson College in 1989. From there he graduated in 1994 with a degree in music and a certification in nursing.

Starting off working as a production manager for St. Louis Magazine for five years from Jan 2000, he later developed his compassion in Computer graphics. He then started working as a graphic artist in the publishing business.

Chris Loesche is rocking his signature goatee

Along with his career as Computer graphics, he was also associated with music. His passion for music led him to toil up with his friend, Doug Firley. The two founded the Shock City Studios in St. Louis in the early 2000s. After working as producer and co-owner of the studio almost a decade, he left Shock City in 2014 to start his own business. Further, he established Intuation Studios LLC in January 2014 in Dallas, Texas.

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Besides, his life as music producer and writer, he is also a cleaning cache of his conservative pundit wife, Dana Loesch. From Jan 2009, he has been working as the manager of his better half. He manages the day-to-day business of Dana and oversees the bookings for speaking engagements, co-ordinates the different entities and marketing campaigns.

Married since 2000 and still Total Romeo to His wife?

Chris Loesch is married to radio talk show host, Dana Loesch since October 2000. The duo first met when Dana was studying Journalism at the Webster University. Shortly after dating, Dana was pregnant with a child with then-boyfriend. With the new responsibility as a mother, she had to quit her college. 

Both Dana and Chris Loesch rocking their black leather jackets

As of now, the loved-up couple is proud parents of two sons, Liam and Ewan. The relationship between two lovebirds seems to be flawless with 17 years of blissful marriage as Dana describes her husband to be a “Total Romeo.”T heir love for each other is visible in their Instagram posts. 

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Backlash after controversial comments

More recently, the couple has been the talk of the town after the deadliest shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida on February 14, 2018, that took the lives of 15 High School students and 2 school officials.

Chris Loesch is lying with his two French bull dogs, Rocco and Louie.

After the terrible tragedy, Dana, being an NRA spokesperson, showed up to discuss the current gun issues among the Survivors of High School Shooting in CNN town hall on February 21, 2018. After her comments regarding the one of the world’s deadliest massacres, everyone wants to know about her.

Subsequently, the couple received backlash and outrage including death and rape threats from thousands of people as she defended the current Gun Laws, standing firmly on her conservative views.