Edward “Chip” Hailstone of ‘Life Below Zero’ was sentenced to 15 months in the Anchorage Correctional Complex in July 2017.

The sentence is a result of two crimes he was charged and convicted of back in 2012.

He was charged and convicted twice of perjury and twice of making false statements to police officers in the Second Judicial Court in Kotzebue.

In 2011, Hailstone claimed that a state trooper had physically assaulted his eldest daughter Tingmak, who was 17 at that time.

He said in an interview that the state trooper placed his daughter into a submissive hold when she stretched her arm out.

Hailstone also claimed that someone had pointed a rifle at his daughter in another incident which involved another family in Noorvik and his eldest son John.

He first asked for a restraining order for his daughter and later also filed an appeal for his perjury convictions.

His wife Agnes and their children are continuing the show, Life Below Zero, which is running in its ninth season now.

The family has not disclosed anything about Hailstone’s return on the show.