[Update: Charles Krauthammer dies at 68 due to cancer.]

[UpdateCharles Krauthammer gives his “final verdict” and says he has few “days to live”]

Good news for fans! Charles Krauthammer himself revealed that he’s still recovering after major surgery. Longtime friend Bret Baier posted the heartfelt letter from Krauthammer on Twitter today.

When will Charles Krauthammer be back?

Krauthammer has been away from social media since August this year and this is the first time he has reached out to his fans after his surgery.

“Thanks to all of your cards, letters and good wishes. I am still recovering from major surgery 12 weeks ago,” says the note. The famed columnist revealed that he is now out of the ICU and is presently in an advanced rehab facility. 

Charles Krauthammer in his wheelchair, he has been recovering from a surgery

Charles Krauthammer before his accident

And it looks like it will be several more weeks until we see him up and running as he hinted at the “longer road than anticipated.” 

He ended the note with, “In the immortal words of Arnold Schwarzenegger, I’ll be back.”

Charles Krauthammer note on Twitter saying he's out of ICU and recovering from major surgery

Baier has been timely updating people on Twitter about Charles’ surgery. On November 13, he had tweeted, “…Slow steady progress & he’s itching to get back. but it’ll likely be several more weeks.”

Bret Baier update on Twitter regarding Charles Krauthammer's health after surgery in 2017