[Update: Charles Krauthammer dies at 68 due to cancer.]

[UpdateCharles Krauthammer gives his “final verdict” and says he has few “days to live”]

Charles Krauthammer, the renowned political commentator for Fox News has been absent from media since August. Charles, who has been out for a planned surgery, has not been back to his regular life. Fans have been wondering whether something life-threatening has happened to the beloved journalist. 

When is Charles Krauthammer returning to his normal routine?

Fans of Charles have been worried about the well being of him but neither he nor his family members have released any official statement. Charles, who posted on Twitter every once in a while, has completely disappeared since August 4. 

Bret Baier, who was the first person to confirm about what happened to Charles has been updating about his condition via Twitter. He replied to a fan concerned about Charles, that he is still recovering from the surgery.

UPDATE: Charles Krauthammer has moved to an advanced rehab facility

Charles Krauthammer says he’s out of ICU and still recovering in a heartfelt letter to fans

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Earlier in August, he said in his show, Special Report with Bret Baier,

Charles had a pre-planned surgery his doctors said he needed. He expected a speedy recovery but ran into some complications post-surgery. He is still in the hospital making slow steady progress and recovery.

Bret Baier

Charles Krauthammer does not seem to be getting well anytime soon

There are also Charles’ death rumors circulating on the internet. The fact that neither Fox nor Washington Post has issued any official statement has fueled the rumors even more. More than two months after his disappearance, there has been no satisfying announcement for the fans.

Charles Krauthammer in his wheelchair, he has been recovering from a surgery

What is the reason behind Charles Krauthammer’s absence from social media and TV?

Fans of Charles are impatient about his return to TV. We hope that Charles returns very soon to his work or at least issue a statement about his condition and when he will return to his work. Fans have been sending wishes and prayers for him on Twitter