Ultimate Beastmaster host Charissa Thompson has been the hot topic on the web lately. She has fallen victim to the hackers who have leaked some of her private photos and videos on Friday.

Charissa Thompson’s phone hacked!

Charissa has maintained her position in sports in last few years, but this incident can turn her career upside down. The hacker went through the personal details of her phone and released her private pictures and videos too. 

Charissa Thompson is looking beautiful in her short blonde hair, she is showing of her cleavage in her low neck white dress.

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The American TV personality is yet to address the hack, while her private photos and videos have been on the most searched topic since last week.

Everything you need to know about Charissa Thompson!

Along with that, her pictures with her former boyfriend Jay Williams, former NBA player and ESPN employee were also leaked.

Charissa Thompson is making an appearance in an event with her boyfriend Jay Williams. The two looks dashing in their attire, with Jay in black suit and Charissa in red dress.