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Catherine Herridge on the set of Fox News

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A close-up image of Catherine Herridge focusing on her eyes and hair. Catherine Herridge looks attractive with a pixie haircut.
Catherine Herridge has regained her health after donating a part of her liver to her cancer victim son. Her confident personality has garnered high attention since the beginning. Catherine had lost weight after donating liver to her baby, but she is all fit at present.
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Catherine Herridge reporting from the studioMother-son duo! Catherine Herridge with her cancer survivor son Peter Catherine Herridge reacting on Benghazi e-mail issueCatherine Herridge on the set of Fox NewsCatherine Herridge, a pioneering journalist at Fox News ChannelRare Family Picture! Catherine Herridge, husband JD Hayes and sons Jamie and PeterCatherine Herridge on the Fox News studioCatherine Herridge at AIM Award ceremony.Fox News Channel journalist Catherine HerridgeFox News Hot reporter Catherine Herridge in a yoga poseCatherine Herridge looks elegant in a neck pieceCatherine Herridge at an award function with Jim Hoft and her sonsCatherine Herridge with her baby boy, PeterFox News correspondent Catherine Herridge

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