Meteorologist Casey Curry is leaving Eyewitness News! The famed news personality hasn’t made any official statement but Twitter has been buzzing about her departure from Channel 13. Her official profile on the ABC 13 website has been scraped, which suggests that she has officially left the network.

Why did Casey Curry leave ABC13 Eyewitness?

Curry recently covered the news of the hurricanes on the network. She has been appearing on the channel since joining Eyewitness Weather in August 2006.

Casey Curry on ABC13

The reason for her departure has not been revealed yet and her future work destinations remain unknown. Fans have taken to Twitter to vent their frustrations and bid goodbye to the talented weather woman.

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“First @erinkohearn left unexpectedly and now @CaseyWeather left without saying goodbye?!” wrote one Kristian Bracken on Twitter, while news reporter Patrina Adger shared, “I’m soooo upset by this. One of my favorite meteorologists in Houston!”

The news comes at the heels of reporter Erin O’Hearn leaving the channel back in May. Maybe she’s joining Fox News following the footsteps of Sukanya Krishnan and Lori Stokes?

Is Casey Curry joining Houston Life TV?

Curry announced on Instagram on September 18 that she was co-hosting Houston Life TV alongside host Derrick Shore. Will this be a permanent position?


Casey Curry has joined Fox 26 afternoon news after leaving Eyewitness News

Casey Curry with Derrick Shore

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Collin Myers replacing Casey Curry on ABC13

It has been reported that KEYE Austin’s Collin Myers will be taking Curry’s spot as the weekend morning meteorologist. 

On September 17’s morning forecast, ABC13 meteorologist Elita Loresca introduced Myers as the replacement. It has also come to light that Loresca will be moving to the 11 a.m and 4 p.m. newscasts, which were previously mainly hosted by Curry. 

Sukanya Krishnan joining Fox News 5 permanently, replacing Teresa Priolo and Antwan Lewis