With her inspiring and positive influencing attitude, she has taken TJX at many successful stages. Since getting appointed as the CEO of the company in 2007, she has made progressive changes which have given a positive result for the company.

Carol’s high earning and strong leadership style has been appraised by the people all over the world. In fact, she has made her place in the list of most powerful women, many times. In 2014, she was listed as 76th most powerful women by Forbes. Likewise, she was chosen as 12th most powerful women in the world by Fortune, the same year.

In the beginning of 2016, Ernie Herrman replaced Carol as the company’s CEO. Although Meyrowitz does not hold the position of the CEO anymore, her invaluable contributions make her a great stakeholder of the company. Besides, the long run business career has helped Carol Meyrowitz bag a huge sum of net worth.

Carol Meyrowitz, a visionary leader, with her unique leadership style has helped TJX to get renowned throughout the globe. In her career spanning more than three decades at TJX, the bold and intelligent lady has established herself as one of the powerful businesswomen in the world. Additionally, she has accumulated a huge net worth.

Her current estimated salary value is around $23.3 million and she has already accumulated a huge net worth amount of $79.2 billion.

Carol Meyrowitz success journey with TJX started in 1983

Rider University graduate, Meyrowitz has worked for several companies before landing the position where she stands today. She instituted her career as a Fortunoff’s sales clerk, following which she has held several retail jobs at different companies including Hit or Miss and Saks Fifth Avenue among others.

Carol joined the TJX in 1983 and has offered the company through various positions till date. Depending solely on her hard work and rigorous schedule, Carol held the position of Executive Vice President in the company in 2001 and eventually became the Marmaxx’s President.

Likewise, in 2004, she became the Senior Executive Vice President of TJX but she did not settle. With continued dedication, she became the Berkshire Partners and TJX’s advisor.

Retired as CEO of TJX in January 2016, Carol Meyrowitz still holds a jaw-dropping amount of net worth

The ambitious lady, Carol Meyrowitz became the company’s president on 17th of October 2005 and by the end of 2006, she was announced the B.O.D. member. Since she held the responsibility of CEO in early 2007, the company’s revenue has risen from $17.4 billion to $29.1 billion and the profit has tripled as of 2014.

Reportedly, by the end of 2015, Carol was earning an estimated salary amount of $23.3 million. With her high income, she has collected a huge net worth amount of $79.2 billion.

She is even considered as one of the highest earning women CEOs in the world. Check out the list of highest paid women CEO where she falls second.

Some sources further revealed that she received total compensation amount of $17,962,232 out of which $1,575,002 was her salary and rest were the bonus and other types of compensation. She is earning $631,618 from stock options and nearly $10,000,030 of stock value is recorded in her account in the fiscal year 2016.