Makeup guru Carli Bybel and her boyfriend Brett Cap haven’t been appearing on each other’s socials for a while now. The last they were seen together was in July. This has us fans very concerned. 

Cap was also nowhere to be seen during Bybel’s 27th birthday celebration in October. They fueled rumors even more when they broke their Halloween tradition of dressing up together. Bybel dressed up as Wonder Woman but her Steve Trevor was no where to be seen.

Are Carlie Bybel and Brett Cap together or not?

Did Carli Bybel and Brett Cap break up? Are they still together?


Carli Bybel (October 17, 1990) is an American YouTuber, who runs two channels; CarliBell55 and InnerBeautyBybel.

She posts make-up tutorials in her channels.

She has over 5.6m subscribers on CarliBel55 and has over 400k subscribers on InnerBeautyBybel.

Carli is in a relationship and has been open about it, unlike most celebrities.

Her boyfriend is a fellow YouTuber, Brett Cap, who is a fitness instructor.

He has over 540K subscriptions on his self-titled YouTube channel, where he posts fitness diet plans and exercises techniques.

The two have known each other since their childhood days.

Carli introduced him as her boyfriend to fans in a video, Boyfriend Does My Makeup in January 2013.

Throughout the years, they have been frequently releasing collaborative videos and sharing pics on Instagram.

However, both of them not appearing on each other’s social media has sparked the rumors of their break-up.

What is concerning is that Brett didn’t seem to have wished her ‘Happy Birthday’ on social media this October.

In addition, Bybel no longer follows Cap on Instagram, which has fueled the rumors more.

Fans have taken to Instagram and Twitter to vent their frustrations, however, both of them haven’t released any comments yet.