Makeup guru Carli Bybel celebrated her 27th birthday this October but her longtime boyfriend Brett Cap was nowhere to be seen! Did Carli Bybel and Brett Cap break up? Apparently, Bybel no longer follows Cap on Instagram, which has fueled the rumors more.

Have Carli Bybel and boyfriend Brett Cap broken up?

Carli Bybel in a white top and brown hair. She has her hand in her hair.

Bybel and Cap haven’t been appearing on each other’s socials for a while now. The last they were seen together was in July. This has their fans very concerned. Many have taken to Instagram and Twitter to vent their frustrations.


Of course, some noticed that Cap didn’t make a post about Bybel’s birthday.

Carli Bybel confirms break up in emotional Q&A video

“Omg no birthday post for Carli and you aren’t with her celebrating??? Seriously are you guys okay?,” wrote one concerned fan. “Have they really broken up?” chimed in another.

Who is makeup guru Carli Bybel’s boyfriend? More on her journey to fame

Carli Bybel has her mouth open and hugs Brett Cap while Brett is holding a makeup tool

Bybel chose to spend her birthday this year with her sister Amanda Bybel instead.

She posted two photos from her night and in one of the captions she wrote, “So much fun celebrating my birfday with my beautiful sissy pooooo @mandajyll ?‍♂️❤️ I love youuuu?thanks for an amazing night!!”

No couples costume on Halloween?

Carli Bybel selfie, she's dressed up as Wonder Woman

Carli and Brett have broken tradition this year by not dressing up as a couple on Halloween. They dressed up as Sandy and Danny from Grease last year and went as Khal Drogo and Khaleesi the year before that.

Carli decided to dress up as Wonder Woman this year and rocked the costume!

Bybel and Cap are comparatively reserved than other Instagram famous couples when it comes to sharing their relationship online. So, them not being on each other’s social media for a while shouldn’t be alarming at all.

However, stans on Twitter are eager to get the details on their breakup news.