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Canadian realtor, David Visentin

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Canadian realtor and actor David Visentin seems like giving intense look at something

The picture portrays 'Love It or List It' co-host David Visentin might be gazing deeply at something.

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David Visentin, Canadian realtorCanadian real estate agent, David VisentinDavid Visentin with his Love It or List It co-host Hilary FarrDavid Visentin with "Love it or List it" co-host Hilary FarrDavid Visentin posing aside Lake Simcoe in BarrieCanadian realtor, David VisentinDavid Visentin and Hilary FarrCanadian real estate agent,David VisentinIncredible on-screen pair! David Visentin and Hilary FarrDavid Visentin, realtor and TV host of HGTV

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