Does Brooke Elliott have a husband? Brooke’s personal life has gathered much attention as she maintains her silence on her relationship status. What is Brooke Elliott doing now?

Is Brooke Elliott married? What is she doing now?

Brooke Elliott‘s happenings in her personal life have forever been a matter of public interest. However, the actress has kept her personal life away from the limelight. Once in 2013, Brooke had revealed that she was indeed in a relationship.

Brooke Elliott in her wedding scene in the series Drop Dead Diva. She holds a bouquet and looks beautiful in her bridal dress up.

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Brooke is yet to get married. But the silence she has maintained on her relationship status has led people to speculate that she has already hosted a secret wedding. The speculations are baseless.

Brooke is currently focusing on her career and is grabbing every opportunity that comes her way. She will be appearing in a TV series for her recent updates, and Brooke has signed in for the movie Nesting Doll.

Brooke Elliott and her weight loss! 

Brooke Elliott, the chubby actress from Drop Dead Diva, has gained much publicity for her weight loss. Though the weight loss is at its slightest, her fans have appreciated the small change that Brooke has undergone.

Brooke Elliott before and after weightloss. Brooke has comparatively lost some weight which seems genuine looking at the transformation picture.Elliott looks less chubby in her yellow and red dress compared to the black dress in the picture.

But in reality, Brooke is not a slim body fan. She feels confident in her plus-size body structure. Brooke stands as an inspiration to all those plus-sized people suffering from society’s unrealistic beauty standards.

She has been motivating thousands of her fans by delivering positive messages. One of them includes: ‘develop a positive attitude to like yourself how you are. Then only others will be with you.’