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Drop Dead Diva's Brooke Elliott's net worth is counted in millions

By: Ross Reilly  | 
Brooke Elliott in her wedding scene in the series Drop Dead Diva. She holds a bouquet and looks beautiful in her bridal dress up.
Brooke Elliott has appeared in almost every branch of the show business. May it be the dramas in theaters, the small screen or the big screen. She has successively won million hearts through her acting.
Brooke Elliott before and after weightloss. Brooke has comparatively lost some weight which seems genuine looking at the transformation picture.Elliott looks less chubby in her yellow and red dress compared to the black dress in the picture. 1 of 7 Swipe To View More 7
Brooke Elliott has garnered much attention for her weightlossAmerican actress and singer Brooke ElliottBrooke Elliott: role model to plus-sized woman, promoting positive body image in weight-obsessed worldBeautiful Brooke ElliottDrop Dead Diva

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