Chris Hamilton, better known as BoostedGT in racing community, is undoubtedly a dark horse in the Discovery’s reality show Street Outlaws. With his intense performance, Hamilton has lately become a household name. 

Net Worth and Car

Chris Hamilton aka BoostedGT has been appearing in Street Outlaws since the third season of the show. BoostedGT is undoubtedly one of the hardest working individuals in the series. His hard-working attitude can be further justified with his move to Oklahoma city which he saw as an opportunity to be closer to the action. In addition to that, BoostedGT does not back down from coming with different innovation. He previously owned the SN95 Mustang and later switched to New Edge Mustang to experiment the new ideas.

He is currently renovating his car in collaboration with Team Z Motorsports. His new car will be designed in such a way that he will have a freedom of choosing between small-tire and big-tire combination. The new car will give him the option of tire which he wants to run for a particular event.

Chris Hamilton leaning under the hood of his car.

He also posted a picture of his car on his Facebook page a few months back, captioning it, “I know it’s been a long time since I’ve posted any new car updates but here Y’all go. True back half car. We will race this in a small tire, big tire, no prep, prep, street, and grudge. It don’t matter. If there is a race we will be there.”

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The fascinating star of Discovery Channel’s Street Outlaws has made a name for himself as he raced up in The List, with his 2003 SVT Cobra Mustang. As a cast member of the Street Outlaws, he has undoubtedly added up a significant amount to his net worth which can be estimated to be in millions as of 2019.

Married life

Chris Hamilton aka BoostedGT is currently dating the professional drag racer, Kayla Morton, the daughter of former Pro Stock racer, Stanley Morton. The two have been dating one another for quite a time now and shares a son from their passionate relationship.

Reportedly, Kayla also has another son from her previous relationship. As of now, the pair has not revealed anything about their marriage.

Chris Hamilton poses with his girlfriend, Kayla Morton, and his son

Kayla has also made several appearances in Street Outlaws over the years. Kayla is a fearless drag racer with over a decade of experience on her back.  She drives a customized 1993 Ford Fox Body Mustang. She holds the ambition to become the first ever female racer to make it on top of The List.