Bill O’Reilly and his wife Maureen E. McPhilmy got divorced in 2011. Initially, the couple shared joint custody of their children, but now, his wife is taking care of their teenage kids solely. Though he lost a lingering custody battle, the court has favored him with visitation rights.

The self-proclaimed traditionalist and highly acclaimed sports commentator exchanged marriage vows with a public relations executive, Maureen McPhilmy, on 2 November 1996. The ceremony was held at St. Brigid Parish of Westbury. The couple walked down the aisle after dating for four years.

In 1998, McPhilmy gave birth to a daughter whom they named Madeline. Extending their family, the pair welcomed their second child, son Spencer in 2003.

Bill O’Reilly: Accused of domestic violence, eventually divorced wife Maureen

Bill and Maureen shared fifteen years of their life together, before divorcing in 2011. As the reports suggested, Bill’s assaults were the key reason for the divorce although he has clearly denied the allegations. Though the divorce gained wide coverage, O’Reilly never made his opinion explicit in the media. However, even after divorce, the problem between the couple does not seem to be resolved.

Though the divorce gained wide coverage, O’Reilly never made his opinion explicit in the media. 

Bill O'Reilly and his ex-wife Maureen McPhilmy are standing close to each other as they take a photograph.

Distressed by a troublesome marriage, Maureen decided to legally separate with husband on 2nd of April 2010. The divorce was finalized on 1 September 2011.

After overcoming from the former marriage woes, McPhilmy decided to tie the knot once again. Currently married to Detective Jeffrey Gross, the beautiful lady is spending a blissful family life with her new found love and children whereas O’Reilly is still single.

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Bill O’Reilly loses lingering custody battle

Things weren’t cool between O’Reilly and Maureen even after legal separation as their divorce was followed by another lingering battle at court regarding their children’s custody. The case ran for more than 4 years.

Bill O'Reilly and his son Spencer O'Reilly are sitting next to each other. Bill is holding a paper on his hand while his son is holding a bottle of water.

Initially, the court made the decision on joint custody, but  his wife filed the case for the sole custody after discovering that Bill was not taking care of his children. As his children take him as an absent parent and wanted to live with their mother, it was not difficult for Maureen to win the case.

Finally, in February 2016, it was declared that Maureen would have the full custody of the kids. O’Reilly has been provided with visitation rights.

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