Rashida Jones is very much conscious of her outfit, so it never fails to flatter her measurements, whether it be a bikini or a tight jeans-shirt combo. With a height of 5’3″, her body measurements are similar to that of a fashion model.

Rashida Jones has banana – a slim model-like – type body

The 40-year-old Jones has a sensational body figure which is categorised as the banana type. Basically, her banana body shape includes a typical model-like look with slim shoulders and butt cheeks, small breasts and butt cheeks and flat belly.

The models in the fashion industry go through an intense diet and workouts to achieve this body. However, Rashida has got that look naturally, apart from a few techniques she uses to maintain it.

Look at how her body flaunts even in this rather shaggy outfit.

Isn’t she looking curvaceous? Definitely, her outfit makes her body measurements flatter and everyone envies and strives to get that amazing look.

Rashida Jones’ body measurement makes her appearance look flaunting

Rashida Jones is 163 cm in height and weighs 52 kilograms. It gives her a Body Mass Index (BMI) measurement of 19.7 which is categorised as a normal weight for her height. It can be said that she has a relatively healthy mass as the other people in the fashion industry are typically underweight in relation to their height.

The body measurement of 34-24-34 gives her the curve in the body which every man in the world looks for and every woman in the world crave for. The tight miniskirts or the swimsuits give accentuate the figure of Rashida. Take a look at this figure. Do not start ogling, guys!

To say more, Rashida wears a bra size of 32B. While many women in the world perform breast and butt surgeries to make their appearance look better, Rashida doesn’t have to bother about these. She has a pair of nice medium sized breasts which would catch the eye of any passers-by.

You might be wondering if all her measurements are natural or implanted. With no doubt, Jones’s every measurement is rightfully inquired and has nobody implants. Shocking, right? Yeah. Some lucky girls do get that body figure naturally.

Let’s finish off with a short video of her pics.

Apart from the measurements of the sexually appealing parts, people do like complementing on Rashida’s long legs and high cheekbones. Rashida Jones always appears in the most fashionable outfit possible and her appearance has dazzled people all around.