Bernice Burgos is a hot Instagram sensation who has appeared in several music videos. Moreover, she is also famous for dating singer/rapper Drake and rapper-turned-actor T.I. 

Bernice Burgos’ music video appearances propelled her to fame

Bernice was born on April 17, 1980, in Bronx, NY, and was raised in Spanish Harlem. She used to work as a bartender in New York’s Starlets club. Meanwhile, she was also into ‘Urban’ modeling.

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Starting up a career at the age of 27, Bernice was able to make her way to appear in several magazines, including XXL and SHOW. Furthermore, she appeared in the hit film Notorious in 2009. 

Bernice Burgos looks ravishing in her bikini avatar

The movie opened many doors for Burgos and was picked as the leading lady in several music videos. The Puerto-Rican then caught the eyes of many from her modeling gigs, including the shoots with The Source Magazine, HotNewHipHop, Black Men Magazine, and more.

She got another break as a cast in MTV’s comedy series, Wild’n Out, which was hosted by Nick Cannon. 

Bernice Burgos runs a clothing company with daughter

Bernice is a hot commodity and it might come as surprise to many that she is also a proud mother. She is a mom to a grown up daughter, Ashley Marie “Amarie” Burgos, and young Sarai. Bernice, who is in her mid-30s, stuns many with her curvaceous figure but her daughters’ age has been another thing that has astonished people.

As of 2017, her eldest daughter, Amarie, is 21 and younger daughter, Sarai, is 11. While making an appearance in The Breakfast Club in June 2017, Bernice revealed that she gave birth to her older daughter when she was just 15 years old. Her baby’s father, who was just 19, was in and out of jail.

Amarie is also a model and is quite famous on Instagram. Burgos’ daughter’s Instagram handle @iam_amarie has already amassed more than 93.3K followers so far. 

Bernice Burgos's daughter Ashley Burgos looks amazing in that red hair and beautiful dress

With the motive to provide sleepwear line that caters to all shapes and sizes, Bernice launched her own clothing line, Bold & Beautiful Sleepwear, in 2015. She has been doing great in business with her daughter’s assistance. Her beautiful and comfortable sleepwears can make anyone feel bold and sexy.

Here’s Bernice Burgos before & after plastic surgery

From all her music videos gigs, modeling career and her own clothing company, she must have amassed an impressive amount of net worth. So far, the exact figure hasn’t been revealed officially but is estimated to be in millions.

Bernice Burgos calls Drake the “sweetest person ever”

Burgos and Drake appeared together in a music video released in 2012. Just a few years later, in 2015, there came swirling rumors that Drake and Bernice started dating.

The rumor sparked after the two were spotted in a playful gesture while vacationing in Australia. The Bold & Beautiful owner made her way to the news headlines which somehow enhanced her rising career too. However, the two never shared much about the relationship, but they did continue to share a friendly bond.

Drake, rapping his hands on then-girlfriend Bernice Burgos

While appearing in The Breakfast Club in July this year, Burgos mentioned about her friendly relationship with Drake. During the interview, she referred Drake as the “sweetest person ever” and divulged that she is even ready to “go to his wedding right now if he gets married.”

Well! That can be an evidence to the fact that the two must have separated amicably.

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Bernice is reported to be dating rapper T.I. at the moment. The rumor began in October last year. She is even suspected to be the reason to put an end to T.I.’s marriage with Tiny. 

Bernice Burgos was arrested in 2010

Burgos has a criminal record! On December 14, 2010, she was arrested after police learned that she physically struck a young female acquaintance, then-aged 14.

Bernice Burgos' mug shot picture

She was charged with a second-degree crime because of endangering the welfare of a child.