Antonia Thomas is best known for Misfits, but she has several other notable roles, earning a hefty net worth. Read on for a glimpse of her filmography.

Antonia Thomas is a waitress turned actress

The National Youth Theater graduate owes a huge debt to the institute for carving her career. “Training with NYT was absolutely integral to my development as an actor,” the actress said about the
influence of the London-based theater.

Actress Antonia Thomas pictured during the James on Empire Awards

Prior to beginning her career as an actress Antonia worked as a waitress and, to date, despite possessing respect for waitresses, remarks the job as the worst she had. 

Speaking about her experiences as a waitress, she said, “You had to work for difficult people who were holding parties. You weren’t paid much, had to work very hard into the early hours and got shouted at by

Antonia Thomas Biography 

Antonia began her journey as an actress in 2008 when she appeared in the short film My World. Soon after graduating in 2009, she made her breakthrough by portraying the role of Alisha Daniels in the award-winning series Misfits. She remained with the series for two years, appearing in over 21 episodes.

Antonia Thomas made a breakthrough with Misfits

She said about the breakthrough role, “Misfits was my first job after I left drama school, and it was quite the opposite of what I thought I’d be doing. I never imagined I’d take a role like Alisha, I thought I’d go into the classical theater. When the script came through, it was clear I was brilliant”.

Antonia Thomas along with the cast of 'Misfit'.

The series was a brilliant one and later claimed the 2010 BAFTA Television Awards for Best Drama Series. A year later, in 2011, the series gained the nominated for the British Comedy Awards but came second best to Psychoville.

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Antonia’s movies and TV shows 

Antonia appeared in various TV series, including The Deep (2010), Fleming (2014) and Transporter: The Series (2014), before bagging another career-defining role in Lovesick, portraying the role of Evie. She joined the series in 2014 and, to date, remains aligned with the series, appearing in 14 episodes.

Antonia Thomas looks sexy in short curled hair

Besides television, she has also appeared in several short television films. Stanley Park (2010), Spike Island (2012), Northern Soul (2014) and Survivor (2015) are some of the projects that the actress has
been a part of.

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Since beginning her career in 2008, the gorgeous Antonia Thomas has been proclaimed a huge success. Her mesmerizing acting skills have helped her assemble a large fan base and satisfying net worth. Although the exact sum of her net worth remains unknown, many online sources claim her net worth sits in the millions.