Ann Curry left NBC News in 2015 to join a higher paying job at the TBA. Ann was a prominent anchor at the NBC news and the co-anchor of Today, which has led her to have a huge net worth. Her current annual salary at the TBA is expected to be around $12 million.

Ann left the NBC after negotiations against a decreased pay

In 2015, Curry announced an altogether departure from the NBC. The NBC was negotiating for a decreased pay, probably something she did not deserve.

Ann started her career through an internship at the NBC affiliate, KTVL, Oregon. She was the first female news reporter of the station at KVTL. Later, she joined KGW in Portland. In addition, Ann worked as a reporter for KCBS-TV from 1984.

In 1990, she joined NBC News as an anchor of NBC News at Sunrise. Later, she also worked as National and International Correspondent during her NBC journey. After years of hard work, Ann mastered her craft at exacting headlines from piles of news.

She became famous for reporting major international stories including those from war-affected countries likeIraq, Bagdad. One of her notable works was her first coverage of the Tsunami devastation in 2004.

After the falling viewership and user ratings of the NBC news, Ann was replaced by Robert Barnett. She started co-hosting the Today. Not quite satisfied, in 2012, Ann declared her resignation from Today. The official announcement of her resignation, however, had followed a renewal of her contract with NBC.

Ann did not have a very welcoming chemistry with her fellow co-host

Ann worked with Matt Lauer, co-anchor of the Today show, for a long time. However, their on-screen chemistry did not warm up. As speculated by many, they had some issues with each other which probably also made her resign her post at the NBC.

In a statement issued by the NBC, Ann has mentioned: “It has been a privilege to work with so many good and talented people at the network and I look forward to what we will do ahead. At the same time, I can’t wait to expand my reach and work with people I admire in other places.”

TBA offered Ann Curry a better pay and a better working environment

While the actual TBA salary is not yet disclosed, Ann has been enlisted among the richest celebrities. It is supposed that she earns $12 million as a salary. Not only that, Ann Curry now has a better working environment, she co-hosts with whom she has a pretty plausible chemistry!