Tennis player Angelique Kerber is not married but she is allegedly in love with her coach Torben Beltz. Torben, who is also not married till date, obviously spends a lot of time with the two-time grand slam winner Kerber, coaching her. And with more than 14 years of practicing together, Angelique and Torben have developed a good rapport. We would not be surprised if they are dating. 

A lengthy hug at the US Open sparked the rumors of Angelique Kerber & Torben Beltz’s relationship

Angelique Kerber had a splendid season back in 2016, winning two grand slam titles and an Olympic silver. We can credit her success to her longtime coach Torben. It is evident that the two are really close to each other.

Angelique Kerber and coach Torben Beltz smile as they take a picture

As the pair spend a great deal of time together, the relationship is bound to be stronger. The images of the pair having good times can be found on the internet.

Their rather lengthy hug after her US Open title win definitely raised some questions. However, there has been no public announcement from her side or from Torben’s about the validity of the relationship. 

Angelique Kerber has had an eventful 2016

We can understand that Angelique Kerber, who is currently on the top of her game right now, might be more focused on her career rather than love life. The feat she achieved in 2016 was certainly one could only dream of.

Angelique Kerber has one hand in the air while the other is holding a racket

Starting the 2016 Australian Open at rank 92, Kerber beat genius of the game Serena Williams in the tournament. Serena was ranked number one at the time she got beaten by underdog Angelique to take home the title. In the same year, she won another Grand Slam, American Open, and an Olympic silver, making her the world’s number one in women’s tennis.