Amanda Bearse finally married her girlfriend after a few years of being together. The lucky girlfriend who turned into her partner is Carrie Schenken. The cute couple married in 2010 and have already adopted two children since then.

Amanda Bearse and Carrie Schenken have been together for a long time

Amanda Bearse is a famous lesbian actress who has appeared in numerous television shows and movies such as Fright Night and The Doom Generation. Born on 1958, she wasn’t openly lesbian until 1993. In 1993, Bearse courageously decided to announce her lesbian orientation.

Amanda Bearse and Carrie Schenken are actually said to be together for quite a long time before their marriage. After a lot of ups and downs in the relationship, the couple got married to each other in 2010. That is perhaps the best choice for Amanda because she seems joyful and content in this married life.

In the past, Amanda and Carrie have been spotted together in beaches, dinners and in shopping malls. Rather than the beautiful couple, they are more vividly depicted by the word ‘loving friends’. The best friends turned into lifelong partners. What could be better than that?

Amanda Bearse had a private low profile marriage in 2010. Only a few relatives and her cast from Married, With Children were present at the wedding.

The couple got married to each other when Amanda was almost 52. Why did Bearse wait for so long?

Nevertheless, the couple fulfilled their dreams and married each other, defining their long-term relationship and showing their desire to spend their remaining lives together.

Amanda Bearse’s life is complete with a partner and two children

Amanda Bearse and her partner Carrie Schenken had always been fond of children. As they couldn’t have one themselves, they decided to adopt some. Shortly after the marriage, the couple decided to adopt a child whose identity hasn’t been revealed yet. The child must have been lucky to have been parented by such a lovely couple.

In 1993, Amanda adopted a daughter. Shortly after the birth, the child was adopted and named Zoe Bearse. Zoe is already 23 years’ old and very much matured.

Amanda Bearse and Carrie Schenken’s life has been blessed with their children’s love. The lesbian couple is happy and enjoying their life.