Aly Raisman, along with her other fellow athletes, has posed nude for ESPN The Magazine’s Body Issue. Possessor of curvaceous hourglass measurement of 30-23-30, this American gymnast figure looks alluringly hot in bikini & swimsuits. Also, her height is measured to be 5’2’’.

Over the course of 2016 Olympics, there have been uncountable articles on how sexy and attractive female athletes are. After all, aren’t the athletes all about acknowledging the flawless human physicality & their forte?

Besides, we are happy to provide all the details on the 2016 Olympic gold medalist. You may have evidenced Aly’s flexibility & gymnastic moves but what bring us here is her nude photo-shoot with ESPN’s Body Issue in 2015.

Aly Raisman: Hottest photo-shoot of sexy gymnast for ESPN’s Body Issue

“I was literally fully naked; there was nothing covering at all,” says Aly Raisman. Well, a girl didn’t lie. She bared all her skin & that became the most talked-about news of 2015.

It was known that Aly wore robe between the photo-shoots, like when hair stylists & make-up artists would swoop in. Though she took an underwear & nude bra with her during the test shots to practice her moves, she never ended up putting those on.

On that note, Aly said, “It was one of those things where, like, you go big or go home. You’re doing something that crazy, you might as well just forget that you’re naked and be really confident and really comfortable.”

Aly was accompanied by her mother, 15-year-old sister, and aunt as she wanted some honest comment regarding her pose. Not to forgot, photographer and other few people from ESPN were also there during the shoot.

By the end of the photo-shoots, it was one of the best experience Aly Raisman ever had. And the shoot happens back in 2015 & it is still being talked about in 2016. From there you can have your answer on how the nudity created a sensation.

Aly Raisman’s measurements: One of the hottest Olympian chic of Instagram

A gymnast or Olympian’s body is often amongst the most toned, bruised and battered in the sports world, but that doesn’t simplify that it can’t be showcased with pride.

22-year-old Olympian Aly Raisman has solidified the title as one of the sexiest athletes, flaunting her incredibly tight muscular body on ESPN’s Body Issue. Also, you can go through her Instagram to be more specific.

Aly has very alluring body measurement as you might have read above, with her bra size 34C, waist 26 & hip 32, while her dress size is 6. Being amongst the sexiest and curvaceous athlete, Amy’s physique is admired all around the world.

Though she is of average stance (height), Aly’s every bikini photos have taken the internet. Also, being the girl of hourglass body-shape at just 22-years Amy really know how to showcase her wide shoulders with narrow hips & slim waist.

OLYMPIC TRIALS HERE WE COME!!! Rooming with @madison_kocian ❤️

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Praised by a critic as an Inverted triangle or athletic body shape, Aly usually chooses the type of straps swimsuit or bikini that doesn’t make her shoulder look even wider. Also focusing towards cleavage for athletic body shape will also work.

Bikinis for Aly’s body-shape really enhance her upper half of the body, i.e. breast & whenever she flaunts her ample of assets , really she looks breathtaking.

Taking the matter to next level, Aly’s 2015 nude photo-shoot for ESPN’s Body Issue was a huge deal. Flaunting her measurements of 34-26-32, Aly Raisman is one of the most decorated gymnasts of all time.