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How real is History Channel survival show Alone?

History Channel’s Alone, which is currently running its fifth season is an undisputed hit, and it’s pretty clear what made it the most ambitious survival reality show currently on the air.

The show’s premise is interesting enough as it documents the daily struggles of 10 individuals surviving in the wilderness using a limited amount of equipment until the isolation drives them mad. And the last man standing takes home the cash prize of $500,000.

As is the case with any survival show on TV, the genuinity of Alone has constantly been questioned and debated. So, what parts of Alone are real and fake? Let’s have a look at it.

Gear Dilemma

Items brought by Alone contestants

Under the show’s rules and gear list, each participant can choose to bring ten items along with them from the list provided by the producers. But, many items that weren’t on the list were seen brought by participants on the show. Items such as satellite phone, emergency flare, and GPS tracking device were not included in the list which questions the true survivability aspect of the show

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Not So Distant Location

Alone participant sitting on a wood log

During the first season, History showed its viewers the map of the location where the participants would be dropped off. Upon studying the map closely, it was found that the location was awfully close to civilization, some even being an hour’s walk from the nearest town. A Google Map search also revealed trail networks of the featured locations, so the contestants weren’t technically isolated for real.

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Food situation

Alone participant cooking

One aspect of the show that seems very real is in portraying how difficult it is to procure food in the wilderness. Despite carrying the hunting and trapping items, the participants on the show have a hard time finding the necessary amount of food. The winner of the first season Alan Kay can be taken as evidence, who lost an astonishing 60 pounds over 56 days in Vancouver Island.

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Jose Martinez

Jose Martinez holding a sword in his right hand

Jose Martinez was the favorite to win the show’s second season but tapped out after surviving 59 days in the wilderness. The dramatic fashion in which he went out raised suspicious eyes and had the viewers doubting whether the scene was staged. He was shown falling off his canoe and walking back to shore, only to be seen standing in the cold water 4 feet away from shore when the emergency crew arrived.

How real do you think is the show? Let us know in the comments. 

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