The very talented actor, comedian, writer and producer, “Allen Covert” was born on October 13, 1964 in West Palm Beach, Florida, U.S. Covert made his debut with Sandler’s 1989 movie ‘Going Overboard’. He played a role of a bartender in the movie. He also appeared in a minor roles in Sandler’s other movies. Covert got his prominent role in 1998 movie ‘The Wedding Singer’. Later he became a part of Sandler’s next four movies. One of his movies ‘Little Nicky’ with Sandler gained 40 pounds. However, he again came back with his small roles and single scene appearances in Sandler’s movies.

Covert appeared in the comedy ‘Grandma’s Boy’ in 2006. It became his role as the top-billed actor. However, he didn’t work as an actor in the movie but became an executive producer. Later he was seen in two movies ‘Never Been Kissed’ and ‘Late Last Night’. Nowadays, Covert is seen less in the movies. Despite his less appearances, he continued to serve as an actor in Sandler’s movie production company ‘Happy Madison Productions’. Sometimes he works as a co-writer for the company. His contribution towards Sandler’s company is huge. He has contributed in most of comedy albums. Covert sometimes also gained recognition and applause for his co-songwriting credits on original songs of Sandler’s movies. Besides his movie appearances, he also appeared in the television series ‘Undeclared’ along with Adam Sandler. Apart from his acting career and contribution towards ‘Happy Madison Production’, he also co-founded ‘Cherry Tree Books’. It makes children’s books for iPad and iPhone.

The popular actor, comedian and actor have gained recognition through his brilliant performances and his collaboration with an actor Adam Sandler. He also worked as an executive producer and co-writer in his career. At the start of 2014, he has accumulated total net worth amount of $14 million.