Alexa Marie Aikman is a well-known child of a celebrity. She is the daughter of football player Troy Aikman and his ex-wife, Rhonda Worthey. Alexa also has an older sister named Jordan Ashley Aikman.

Alexa’s father, Troy Aikman, is a former Dallas Cowboys quarterback. In addition, her mother, Rhonda Worthey, is an American Reality TV personality. Marie is the youngest of two daughters.

How old is Alexa Marie Aikman? Age and Siblings

Alexa Marie Aikman is 19 years old. Furthermore, the celebrity child, Alexa, was born on July 30, 2002, in the United States. The star’s younger daughter will turn 20 in June 2022.

Alexa with her father and sister
Alexa with her father and sister
Source: Instagram

Alexa’s sister Jordan Ashley Aikman is 20 years old. Jordan was born on August 24, 200. The older sibling will turn 21 in August 2022.

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Alexa’s parents divorced in 2011. Her father moved on with fashionista Catherine Mooty. Hence, Marie has two half-brothers named Val and Luke Mooty.

Relationship of Alexa Marie Aikman’s parents

Alexa Marie Aikman’s parents, Troy Aikman and Rhonda Worthey, met in 1998. The couple, Troy and Rhonda, dated for a year and a half before getting married. On April 8, 2000, they tied the knot at Troy’s mansion in Plano, Texas. 

Alexa and Jorden as children
Alexa and Jorden as children
Source: Instagram

The couple was married for ten years before divorcing on April 12, 2011. However, the reason for their divorce remains unexplained. They announced their divorce to their fans, but they did not explain.

In 2017, Troy Aikman married fashionista and businesswoman Catherine Mooty. However, there is no information on Rhonda being in a relationship. Despite splitting, the couple co-parents their daughters.

Speaking of relationships, Alexa might have seen a couple of them. However, Aikman dated out of the public eye. And so, it remains uncertain if the celebrity daughter is currently dating. As a result, Troy’s child, Alexa, is presumed single.

How rich are the Parents of Alexa Marie Aikman

As of 2022, Troy Aikman’s networth is approximately $65 Million. His salary as the quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys was $17 Million. After retirement, he pursued a successful career in the broadcasting industry.

Troy and Rhonda with their daughters
Troy and Rhonda with their daughters
source: celebrity raid

Rhonda Worthey’s net worth is roughly $10 million as of 2022. She earned her income through a successful career in reality television. In addition, she received  $1.75 million from her divorce from Troy.

Rhonda Worthey also received a house worth $1.5 million and $1.7 million as spousal and child support. The value of any other properties owned by Aikman or Worthey is unavailable. Hence, the total value of their assets is unknown.

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