‘Alaskan Bush People’ cast members had been through various troubles in the past few months.

Gabe Brown, who was suffering from flu-like illness, was staying away from his frail mother, Ami Brown, to avoid the probability of her getting affected by his sickness.

But, his recent Instagram posts are evidence that he has now recovered, and sources have reported that he has returned to his family.

After tests at UCLA Medical Center in May, which confirmed that Ami’s cancer is not back, Brown clan is rejoicing the big news.

The family faced other mishaps too like Noah undergoing emergency gallbladder surgery and Bear Brown landing himself in the hospital after a run-in with a tree.

Recovering from all the unfortunate incidents, the family is back together and are working in “building their new land” in Washington.

Rumor has it that Noah Brown will not be returning on the show, as he is staying away from his family’s home with his fiancée, Rhain Alisha.

Alaskan Bush People is now filming the season 8 and is likely to document Ami’s cancer battle too.

Regardless of several rumors of the show being canceled, the eighth season is set to premiere on August 24, 2018.