Alan Alda with a birth name as Alphonso Joseph D’Abruzzo is an American actor, director, screen writer and also an author by profession. He has been awarded by Emmy award for more than 6 times and also is a Golden Globe Award winner. He is best known for his role as Hawkeye Pierce in the TV series M*A*S*H.

There is no much information about his personal life till the date but as according to some sources he has been married to his wife Arlene Alda. He had married to his wife in 1957, which is quite enough time indeed. Since 1957 he is continuously sharing happy moments of his life with his only wife Arlene. At present he is 78 years old and living with same wife.

He is very lucky person on the matter of the marriage because there are very rare cases in which two persons decides to live together forever and ever. They have great love and honor for each other and it’s the main reason he never found himself in search of other love. before he met his wife, his life was perfect to certain extent which is true but another interesting part is his wife’s arrival in his life added more affection. He thanks God for letting him live his life with such a loving and caring wife.

At present he is living with three daughter and only wife Arlene. Their life is perfect and full of happiness. He had never made any complain about his life while sharing it with his wife, but instead of it he is grateful to God for allowing Arlene to be part of his life. The couple never went through any useless rumors about their relation. By now he has already passed more than half of his life span but still wishes to be together with his wife as long as he can. There is no single sign of them getting separated in future till the end.