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Aaron Kaufman focusing on new company - Arclight Fab after Gas Monkey Garage departure

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Aaron Kaufman has his own company named Arclight Fab. After his departure from Fast N Loud in early 2017, he announced that he would be focusing on his company. His company manufactures parts for Ford F-100 trucks.

Talking to Art of Gears in February 2017, Kaufman said of his future plans:

We are having conversations about TV, but if I do it I want to be ecstatic about it. I want to be very proud of the program and the parts that I make, so we are really looking at a fresh approach to making automotive television. If we go back to building cars on TV, it will be based on the premise fun with cars.

- Aaron Kaufman

On June 25, Kaufman launched the official site of his new company,

Aaron Kaufman on leaving Gas Monkey Garage

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