Plastic surgery is a trend these days, especially among the Hollywood celebrities. In the previous days, people used to go under the knife to defy age. However, it is becoming an easy method of makeover among the young starlets as well.

Celebrities are often admired for their attractive features, and most of the times, these features are crafted by a knife, sometimes at underage. There are many examples of such celebrities, who have ruined their natural beauty at a young age in an attempt to accentuate their looks. 

No wonder, everyone desires perfection but spending millions of dollars for a facial transformation is crazy. Sure, many will do minor corrections, but celebrities like Jocelyn Wildenstein and Michael Jackson completely altered their face to get an awful appearance with the help of surgery. There are some celebrities like Kylie Jenner, who have got a magical transformation and are conquering the glamor industry.

In this list, you will find out which celebrity spent the highest amount on a quest of getting their