7. Candace Cameron-Bure, Wife of Valeri Bure

Candace Cameron-Bure came to fame as an actress. However, the American artist later found fame as the wife of Valeri Bure. Nevertheless, Cameron also found fame as a panelist on a talk show. Similarly, Candace also played the character of D.J. Tanner on the sitcom Full House. Likewise, she later appeared in the Fuller House, retaining the same role.

Candace Cameron-Bure was posing for a picture in her house
Candace Cameron-Bure was posing for a picture in her house.
Source: Instagram

Candace later came to mainstream fame as the wife of NHL player Valeri. Moreover, Camron and her husband Bure tied the knot on June 22nd of 1996. What’s more, the married duo was introduced by Dave Coulier. Furthermore, Cameron and her husband welcomed one daughter named Natasha Bure and two sons Lev Valerievich Bure and Maksim Valerievich Bure.

6. Ryan Miller’s Wife Noureen DeWulf

Noureen DeWulf is well known as the star of the Anger Management sitcom. Furthermore, she also played a role in the movie West Back, Ghost of Girlfriends Past, and more. Likewise, Noureen also appeared in many other films and TV shows. Furthermore, Dewulf managed to become a sex icon as a result of her career.

Noureen DeWulf posing for picture in front of The Jane Club
Noureen DeWulf posing for a picture in front of The Jane Club.
Source: Instagram

Noureen DeWulf married on September 3, 2011, with Ryan Willer. Furthermore, DeWulf and her husband gave birth to their son Bodhi Ryan in 2015. Likewise, she and her husband lead a wonderful married life. However, Noureen was wedded to James DeWulf before. But, the actress and her ex-husband, James, finalized their divorce in 2010.