1. Paul D. DelVecchio Jr

Paul D. DelVecchio Jr., better known to the world as DJ Pauly D, came to fame via the reality TV show Jersey Shore. What’s more, he is best known for his amazing body at the time. A decade later, Paul still visits the beach shirtless showcasing his body. He did put on some weight since his prime. But, Paul seems to have gained his six-pack abs back with some help from body modification.

Pauly D DelVecchio posing in front of a mirror after the surgery
Pauly D DelVecchio was posing in front of a mirror after the surgery.
Source: Instagram (djpaulyd)

Paul looks excellent for his 40 years old but still possesses a somewhat ripped body. And how did he manage to get it, you might ask? Well, GLT routine and liposuction seem to be his key. Moreover, in March 2019, DelVecchio hid the Cancun beach in Mexico and showed off his glorious body to the world.

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