3. Chow Yun-Fat

Chow Yun-Fat came to stardom back in 2000. Furthermore, his career was significantly boosted by the movie Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. What’s more, Chow started his career back in 1976. And over the years, the talented actor was part of many successful projects.

Chow Yun Fat on a film set after many surgeries
Chow Yun Fat is on a film set after many cosmetic surgeries.
Source: Instagram (chowyunfat)

Yun-Fat has changed a lot over the years in Hollywood. Similarly, the primary reason behind the change is plastic surgery. Moreover, back in 2009, he admitted that he started doing cosmetic surgery in 1989. Likewise, he started undergoing surgery when he filmed God of Gamblers.

2. Paul Nassif

Paul Nassif came to fame through the reality TV show Botched. What’s more, he works as a plastic surgeon. He starred as a presenter/host in the hit show. Similarly, Paul knows a lot about body modification. Moreover, Nassif specializes in skincare, anti-aging, and rejuvenation.

Paul Nassif taking a selfie in his home on Christmas after his facelift surgery
Paul Nassif took a selfie in his home on Christmas after his facelift surgery. Source: Instagram (drpaulnassif)

Dr. Paul quietly went through plastic surgery himself! Back in 2018, Nassif underwent a facelift procedure away from the spotlight. Similarly, Paul later revealed to Page Six that he felt very self-conscious about the excess skin around his jawline.