5. Elon Musk

Elon Musk is a name that pretty much everyone knows. Furthermore, the businessman gained massive attention from the public after becoming the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX. Moreover, Musk started gaining the spotlight in the 2000s for co-founding PayPal. Similarly, he looked a lot different than what he looks like today!

Elon Musk smiling on an interview after hair transplant
Elon Musk was smiling in an interview after a hair transplant.
Source: Instagram (Fan Page)

The CEO of Tesla and SpaceX looks dashing with his black and shiny hair! But, according to Page Six, Musk must have undergone a hair transplant surgery. As a result, Elon currently owns much thicker hair than he used to back at the start of his career. As such, he looks a lot younger than his actual age!

4. Kanye West

Kanye West is a beloved rapper and hip-hop artist. What’s more, Kanye is one of the most influential rappers of this era. Moreover, he managed to earn a net worth of 1.8 billion USD. As such, Mr. West leads a life of luxury and comfort. However, not everything seems to be going well for him. Kim Kardashian recently revealed that she wants to end her marriage with Kanye.

Kanye West on the stage after his liposuction surgery
Kanye West was on the stage after his liposuction surgery.
Source: Instagram (kanyewest)

After his marriage to Kim, Kanye put on a few pounds. And so, he decided to lose some of his fat via plastic surgery. Back in 2017, Went underwent liposuction. Furthermore, he revealed to TMZ that he underwent surgery, so his fans won’t call him fat. Moreover, he also claimed that when his fans called Rob Kardashian fat in 2014.