7. Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell gained his Hollywood stardom as a judge on various talent shows. Furthermore, he gained most of his charm as the mean one of the judges. Moreover, Simon came to the entertainment industry back in the late 80s. Furthermore, he hosted many tv shows and judged multiple seasons of The X Factor, American Idol, and Got Talent reality shows.

Simon Conwell making a heart sign with his hand
Simon Conwell made a heart sign with his hand.
Source: Instagram (simoncowell)

The dashing English man, Simon, went through many Botox injections. And According to Mirror magazine, he admitted to the fact that he injected Botox. Besides, he joked that he looked better now and claimed that everyone in the business does it at some point in their career.

6. Steven Tyler

Steven Tyler can be considered one of the best-looking guys for his age. Moreover, the legendary Rockstar came to fame with his band Aerosmith. What’s more, even to this day, his songs remain beloved by many fans. Furthermore, he led a very fulfilling career as a musician. And along the way, Steven bagged multiple awards for his work!

Steven Tyler carrying the American Flag after he fixed his teeth with a surgery
Steven Tyler carried the American Flag after he fixed his teeth with surgery. Source: Instagram (iamstevent)

Tyler did plastic surgery back in 2011. Furthermore, he told about the surgery on ABC News Today Show. Moreover, he had a nasty tumble in the showers disfiguring him and knocking some of his teeth out. So, the doctors fixed his face and his teeth in one surgery.