9. Christian Bale

Christian Bale is a massive name in the movie industry. Furthermore, he played in many superhit films during his career. What’s more, Bale became a household name after portraying Batman/Bruce Wayne. However, his climb to Hollywood royalty started with the movie American Psycho.

Christian Bale smiling and pointing at the camera
Christian Bale was smiling and pointing at the camera.
Source: Instagram (christianbale_)

The talented actor went through surgery to fix his teeth. According to The Guardian, the star from the Batman trilogy keeps the mold of his old teeth with him. Furthermore, he states that he liked the article’s hold set of teeth. Other than minor teeth fixing, Bale hasn’t gone through further body modification

8. Enrique Iglesias

The Latino singer Enrique Iglesias became a massive star in the mid to late 2000s. Furthermore, his silky voice charmed many fans. His songs like Hero, Do You Know, and many more still live in the playlist of his fans. Iglesias usually sang in the Latin Pop genre, but he later collaborated with hip-hop artists.

Enrique Iglesias wearing shades and posing for a picture.
Enrique Iglesias was wearing shades and posing for a picture.
Source: Instagram (enriqueiglesias)

Enrique did surgery to remove his mole back in 2003. Furthermore, he revealed to Entertainment Weekly that his mole could later cause cancer. And so, the Latin singer just underwent mole removal surgery. Moreover, he also stated in the interview that he never really cared about his mole. His attitude towards the mole changed after knowing the threat it caused.