News journalists remain of vital role in our society. Furthermore, we depend on them to know what is happening around the globe. As such, journalism remains an essential aspect of our day-to-day life.

Now, here we present you with the ten most famous journalists. Moreover, we won’t set this list below in any order. We won’t be ranking these talented journalists, but we will list only the most popular ones. So, let us jump right to it without wasting any more time.

10. Jim Dubreuil

Not all journalists appear on the screen. As such, Jim Dubreuil gained his influence as a producer at Fox News. Moreover, he also worked for ABC News and Primetime. Furthermore, the talented producer earned his degree in Journalism at the University of Florida.

Recent Picture of Jim Dubreuil
Recent Picture of Jim Dubreuil.
Source: Facebook (Jim Dubreuil)

Jim likes to live away from the limelight. As such, he lives a low-key life away from the spotlight. Similarly, the man married the love of his life, Nicole Dubreuil, away from the media. Jim welcomed three kids with his wife. Moreover, he named them James Dubreuil, Joshua Dubreuil, and Emma Dubreuil.