9. Robin Wright appears to be in her Late 40s

The American actress Robin Wright holds multiple awards; she also appears much younger than her actual age. Born on 8th April of 1966, Wright is currently 55 years old. However, by just her appearance, you could be mistaken about her age.

Robin Wright promoting her brand of sleepwear
Robin Wright is promoting her brand of sleepwear.
Source: Instagram

Robin looks as if she is in her early 40s by her appearance. The actress claims her youthful looks are thanks to her healthy routine. Likewise, Wright also said that she keeps herself fit to maintain her youthful glow. Similarly, as all of her fans saw her in the Wonder Woman movie, she keeps herself in shape that she passed for the role of an Amazonian warrior in her early fifties.

8. Jennifer Aniston Seems to be in her early 40s

Coming to stardom from the hit sitcom FRIENDS, Jennifer Aniston still looks gorgeous and way younger than she is. Furthermore, the actress was born on February 11th of 1969, in LA, California. And so, Aniston is currently running in the early 50s. To be more specific, Jennifer Joanna Aniston is 52 years old.

Jennifer Aniston took a picture with her dog
Jennifer Aniston took a picture with her dog.
Source: Instagram

Aniston looks way younger than her actual age. Moreover, she seems like she is in her mid-30s to early 40s. The FRIENDS star manages to keep a youthful look with a routine of her own. More on that, she keeps her skin moisturized with Aveeno lotion. Likewise, Aniston also keeps herself hydrated.