5. Daniel Radcliffe and a Mattress

Daniel Redcliffe came to fame as the lead actor from the Harry Potter franchise. Moreover, Redcliffe managed to earn an impressive net worth of $110 million. So, Daniel certainly lives his life in comfort. What’s more, he even spends thousands of dollars for a good night of sleep.

Daniel Radcliffe celebrating The 20th anniversary of Harry Potter
Daniel Radcliffe was celebrating The 20th anniversary of Harry Potter.
Source: Instagram

The former child actor spent over $17k on a mattress. Although such an item can be considered significant, spending such a massive amount of money on it can be a bit much for the average Joe. This makes us wonder, what else did the former Harry Potter actor buy that is absurdly expensive.

4. Justin Bieber and his Custom-Made Golden Grillz

Fashion can be the primary cause of expenses for a celebrity. Moreover, designer clothes can reach up to a million. However, what about the jewelry? Jewels and other treasures are already expensive. Furthermore, Grillz has been a part of the Hollywood world for a long time. Although Justin Beiber bought the gold Grillz for his costume on Halloween, he paid five thousand dollars for it.

JB performing on the stage
JB was performing on the stage.
Source: Instagram

Beiber bought the custom-made Grillz from If & Co. Moreover, the pop-sensation hired Ben Baller from the said company for his bling. What’s more, the young star purchased the golden item in the year 2013. Justin was only nineteen years old when he made the purchase.