7. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West: Gold-Plated Toilets

Both Kim Kardashian and Kanye West hold a tremendous amount of wealth. Moreover, with Kim K owning around $350 million and West having billions of dollars as their net worth, it seems they spend it without a second thought. What’s more, the former married couple spent around $750,000.

Kim K with her ex-husband Kanye West and her children
Kim K with her ex-husband Kanye West and her children.
Source: Instagram

Kim and Kanye bought a mansion in Bel Air soon after their marriage. But, now they decided to separate, the question remains, who will get the golden toilets. Besides, allegedly the former married couple spent double the amount they spent on their house in their decor.

6. Glitter over Gold Kesha

We can understand the want for gold, but what of glitters? The pop-sensation Kesha spent hundred of thousands of dollars on just that, glitters. Kesha Rose Sebert gained massive success as a singer. And so, she went on many tours and concerts. And in those live events, she had cannons shoot out glitters.

Kesha taking a selfie after a rehearsal
Kesha taking a selfie after a rehearsal.
Source: Instagram

Although glitters costs around $1 per packet. But the amount Rose used would undoubtedly have earned the glitter companies a substantial amount of profit. Likewise, in an interview back in 2011 how she still holds the glitter from the live events.