3. Zachary Levi

The DC superhero Shazam holds many wonders. And we sure can’t wait for the trailer to hit the internet. However, the actor playing the character, Zachary Levi, has many surprises of his own. Aside from his charismatic acting, the actor also holds a fantastic talent as a singer.

Zachary Levi in front of his poster
Zachary Levi was taking a pic in front of his poster.
Source: Instagram

Levi sang in the animated movie Tangled. Moreover, he sang the songs I see the Light and I’ve got a Dream in the film. What’s more, he, along with his co-star Mandy Moore performed the song I See the Light on February 27th, 2011, at 83rd Academy Awards. Impressively, the song was later nominated for the Best Original Song at the award show.

2. Hugh Jackman also a dancer and a singer

The Wolverine from the X-Men movies is a badass powerset, but the superhero actor also holds terrific abilities. Not only does Hugh Jackman have impressive acting skills, but he also owns a powerful singing voice. The movie The Greatest Showman indeed shows Hugh’s ability as a singer and a dancer.

Hugh Jackman promoting Kristan Serafino
Hugh Jackman was promoting Kristan Serafino.
Source: Instagram

Moving away from the films, Mr. Jackman has played many plays on broadway. What’s more, the award-winning actor came to stage in the musical The Boy from Oz back in 2003. Moreover, his work in the musical play earned Hugh a Tony Award in the following year.