Social media has become the most used form of media. As such, once a means to communicate turned into a business. Moreover, this led to the creation of social media influencers. And so, influencer usually promotes on social media.

Over the years, millions of content creators managed to build a career as social media influencers. Furthermore, out of millions, only a handful of internet celebs managed to climb to the top. So, today, we present you with the top ten list of these influencers of all time! We will not be including actors, musicians, or athletes in the list.

10. King Bach

King Bach, or IRL name Andrew B. Bachelor, became an internet sensation for his Vine videos. Moreover, he used post comedic six-second clips on the video-sharing app. Likewise, he later branched out to other apps and sites after Vine died. Along with many other internet stars on this list, Bach started their career in the late Vine. Rest in peace, Vine.

Social Media Influencer King Bach at a video shoot
Social Media Influencer King Bach at a video shoot.
Source: Instagram. (kingbach)

Coming back to the topic, this talented comedian managed to gain a massive fan base over the course of his career. Currently, his accounts on other video-sharing sites hold millions of subscribers and followers. Speak of, Andrew’s YouTube channel accumulated 2.48 million subscribers. Similarly, his Instagram account holds 20.6 million followers.