7. Miranda Sings

Miranda Sings was obnoxiously popular back in the mid-2010s. Furthermore, her most outstanding quality is her voice. And her character Miranda in general. Her real name is Colleen Ballinger. And yes, Colleen played the character named Miranda for 13 years on YouTube.

Colleen Ballinger and her character Miranda Sings
Colleen Ballinger and her character Miranda Sings.
Source: Instagram (colleen)

Because we love to see people doing dumb things on the internet, her channel grew and gained millions of subscribers. Currently, Colleen’s channel holds 10 million subs, and her Instagram has 6.8 million followers. Her character Miranda and her true self are as different as night and day.

6. Logan Paul

Logan Paul, a Vine star turned YouTuber. And he was later dipping into professional boxing. Moreover, he recently fought one of the greatest boxers, Floyd Mayweather. Surprisingly, as many thought would happen, Logan didn’t get knocked out in the first round. Moreover, the internet sensation has come a long way from his first match in the ring with another YouTuber named KSI. Moreover, his fight with Mayweather earned millions from Pay-Per-View.

Logan Paul holding a box of Pokémon card
Logan Paul was holding a box of Pokémon cards.
Source: Instagram (loganpaul)

As many of you know, the social media influencer started on Vine alongside Bach, Amanda, and Lele. After Vine went down, he and his brother Jake transitioned to YouTube as Vlogger. And later even made a song or two.