7. Brigitte Bardot

Brigitte Bardot became an icon during her time in the 50s and 60s. Furthermore, she became a sex symbol. Every man on earth wanted to be with this beautiful woman. Moreover, she managed to lead a successful career as an actress and a singer. Moreover, she usually played sexually hedonistic characters. Thus adding more fuel to the desire of men.

Brigitte Bardot during her prime
Brigitte Bardot during her prime.
Source: Instagram (brigittebardotofficial)

Bardot married four times over the course of her life. Moreover, she is currently married to Bernard d’Ormale her fourth husband. Speaking of which, she married Roger Vadim, Jacques Charrier, and Gunter Sachs, respectively. But, she only welcomed one child in her life. Furthermore, Brigitte and her second husband Jacques welcomed a son named Nicolas-Jacques Charrier on 11th January, 1959.

6. Sophia Loren

Sophia Loren is an Italian actress known for Marriage Italian Style, Two Women, and more. Furthermore, she won multiple awards for her role in the movie Two Women. And more recently, Loren won Actress Defying Age and Ageism Award in 2021. Additionally, she won other awards for The Life Ahead in 2021. And later, she published multiple books over the years.

Sophia Loren in the 70s
Sophia Loren in the 70s.
Source: Instagram (Fan Account)

Sophia married the love of her life, Carlo Ponti, on the 9th of April 1966. Furthermore, the duo welcomed two kids in their holy matrimony and named their two sons Carlo Ponti Jr. and Edoardo Ponti. However, her husband was married once before. He was married to Giuliana Fiastri and welcomed two kids with her. Moreover, Ponti and his first wife named their kids Guendalina Ponti and Alex Ponti. Unfortunately, but sadly, Carlo died at the age of 94 back in 2007.