7. Coming to America

The movie Coming to America remains one of the funniest movies in history. Likewise, the funny man Eddie Murphy starred in the movie. Similarly, the movie featured many great actors and actresses. Moreover, Garcelle Beauvais was also part of the movie. Furthermore, she went on to reach great heights in her career.

Coming to America 80s movie poster
Coming to America 80s movie poster.
Source: Instagram (eddie_murphy_official1)

The movie Coming to America earned a massive amount of money through its run the theaters. Additionally, it earned $21 million on the first weekend. Moreover, it grossed over $288 million in its full run.

The movie remains a commercial success. Moreover, the movie also bagged a handful of awards and nominations. And here’s the list of awards Coming to America won:

  1. American Comedy Awards, USA (1989)
  2. BMI Film & TV Awards (1989)
  3. Golden Screen, Germany (1988)
  4. Image Awards, NAACP (1990 and 1988)

6. Predator

The 80s and 90s were the years when buff men usually portrayed one-person army characters. And in the movie Predator, a buff soldier meets an apex predator hunting for trophies. Arnold Schwarzenegger starred in the movie along with Carl Weathers.

Predator holding a skull
Predator holding a skull.
Source: Instagram (predator)

The Oscar nominated movie earned huge bucks at the box office. Furthermore, the movie collected a whopping $12 million on the opening weekend. Likewise, at the end of its run, Predator grossed over $98 million. Moreover, the movie got multiple sequels, a crossover with Aliens, comics, and more.

Despite being commercially successful, the movie won a handful of awards. Here are the awards won by the movie Predator:

  1. Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USA (1988)
  2. BMI Film & TV Awards (1988)
  3. Motion Picture Sound Editors, USA (1988)