7. Katharina Andresen

Katharina Gamlemshaug Andresen was born in Norway on May 21st, 1995. Moreover, she was born to Johan like her little sister Alexandra. Besides, Katharina grew up in her hometown in Oslo, Norway. The young billionaire leads a lavish life. And, she spends her wealth in travels along with luxurious trinkets.

Billionaire Katharina Andresen on a yacht
Billionaire Katharina Andresen was on a yacht.
Source: Instagram

Like her younger sister Alexandra, Katharina inherited her fortune from her father. Moreover, she owns $1.3 billion, just like her sister. Furthermore, currently, she owns 42% of her father’s company Ferd.

6. Austin Russell inherited a Huge Stake

Austin Russell owns a fortune of $1.8 billion as of 20201. Moreover, the self-made billionaire earned his capital from his firm Luminar Technologies. However, Russell later became one of the youngest billionaires after the merger with SPAC in 2020. His company dwells with manufacturing the automated sensors of self-driving cars to scan their surroundings.

Self-made billionaire Austin Russell on the stage about young entrepreneurs
Austin Russell was on the stage about young entrepreneurs.
Source: Entrepreneur’s Handbook

The young billionaire, Austin Russell, was born around 1995. And currently, Austin is around 26 years of age. Moreover, Russell remains keen on keeping a low profile. As such, this young billionaire isn’t on any of the social media. However, he did share about him dropping out of college at the age of 17. Likewise, he attended Stanford University back in 2012.