5. Anthony Padilla Former Member of Smosh

A former member of Smosh, Anthony Padilla, left the company to pursue his own vision. What’s more, after moving solo, Padilla started producing and posting interviews on his channel. Likewise, he left the company to follow his ideas, and yes, he succeeded in furthering his career as a YouTuber.

Anthony Padilla promoting Fashion House
Anthony Padilla promoting Fashion House.
Source: Instagram (anthonypadilla)

This talented YouTuber was born to his parents Leeza Padilla and her husband, Dan Padilla, in Sacramento, California, USA. What’s more, the 33-years old celeb was born on September 16th, 1987. Furthermore, holding an American nationality, Anthony grew up with three siblings named Antoinette Padilla, Brandon Worrel, and Matthew Worrel. However, he keeps his love life away from his fans. As such, the names of his girlfriends remain hidden.

4. Evan Fong the YouTuber From VanossGaming

The gamer Evan Fong or better known as VanossGaming currently holds millions of subscribers on his channel. Besides, the YouTuber started his career back in 2011. Furthermore, he later started making music as well. Likewise, he creates electronic music along with playing the guitar. Currently, his channel holds a total of 25.5 million subscribers. And his fans love his content, speaking of which he stars in the animated show Alpha Betas.

Evan Fong aka YouTuber VanossGaming taking a picture
Evan Fong, aka YouTuber VanossGaming taking a picture.
Source: Instagram (evanfong)

This talented musician/YouTuber was born in Toronto, Canada. Furthermore, his parents gave birth to him on May 31st, 1992. Coming from a mixed Asian ancestry of Korean-Chinese, he graduated from Richmond Hill High School. However, even though he earns through his fame, he remains elusive to his fans. As such, his love life remains a complete mystery as the names of his girlfriends.