7. Colin Farrell

The Irish-born actor Colin Farrell is amazingly talented. Moreover, he came to mainstream fame from The War Zone film. Similarly, Farrell is said to be appearing in 2022’s The Batman. However, aside from his acting skills, Colin also holds an uncanny singing ability.

Collin Farrell at a talk show
Collin Farrell was attending a talk show.
Source: Instagram

Farrell may share the same name with another well-known actor, Will Farrell, but they don’t share any relations. Coming back to the topic at hand, Colin showed his exceptional vocal talent as he sang The Weary Kind in the show Crazy Heart. Although he holds a phenomenal talent as a singer, he has yet to make an official debut in the music industry.

6. Oscar Isaac

The talented actor Oscar Isaac will be appearing in the MCU’s Moon Knight series. Likewise, he started acting in 1996. Furthermore, he holds the credit of Pool Boy in the crime drama Illtown. Moreover, in 2011, he sang a tune from Roxy Music’s band in the movie Sucker Punch. What’s more, Isaac started singing at the start of his career.

Oscar Isaac at a meet and greet
Oscar Isaac attended a meet and greet.
Source: Instagram

Since Oscar holds a fantastic voice, he dipped into voice acting as well. Likewise, Isaac performed in many plays on many stages. More recently, Isaac played the part of Prince Hamlet in 2017 at The Public Theater. Furthermore, he earned himself many awards over the years.