The film industry has indeed come a long way. Moreover, the timeless gems we were lucky enough to watch comes in all genres. However, today we will be focusing on comedy movies that came out over the years.

From the slapstick comedy movies to adult humor, we will be listing them here today. And if you haven’t watched them yet, you can always watch them on the streaming sites of your choosing. And let’s start the list with:

10. Home Alone

Home Alone franchise remains beloved by fans throughout generations. The family comedy movie was released in 1990. Furthermore, the movie managed to get multiple sequels and earn a fortune at the box office. Similarly, the movie rocketed Macaulay Calkin to stardom.

Macaulay Calkin in the Home Alone Movie
Macaulay Calkin in the Home Alone Movie.
Source: Instagram (Fan Account)

What’s more, the actors from the movie like Joe Pesci, Daniel Stern, and Catherine O’Hara went on to have a magnificent career in Hollywood. Similarly, the Christmas movie holds a soft spot in the hearts of millions all over the globe.