YouTube, a video-sharing site created in 2005. Furthermore, since the start of the company, it grew to become a giant corporation. As such, it produced many big names on its platform.

Thus, today, we present you with top ten famous female YouTubers of 2021. The content creators managed to gain the attention of the world. Moreover, these video content entertains the world. And here’s a list of top 10 female YouTubers in 2021:

10. Jenna Marbles

With millions of subscribers on her channel, Jenna Marbles is undoubtedly one of the biggest YouTubers. Furthermore, her popularity grew from the video How to Trick People into Thinking You’re Good Looking back in 2010. With hundreds of thousand views on her channel, she owns a hefty bank account.

YouTuber Jenna Mourey with her hamster
YouTuber Jenna Mourey with her hamster.
Source: Instagram (jennamarbles)

Marbles, or her IRL name Jenna Nicole Mourey was born on September 15th, 1986. Furthermore, the YouTube personality was born in Rochester, New York, to her parents. Similarly, she is currently in a relationship with Julien Solomita. Likewise, the duo started dating back in 2013.