Zoltan Anthony Hargitay is the son of the late Jayne Mansfield. She was among the popular actresses of the ’50s and was mainly known for her stunning beauty and was regarded as one of the biggest sex symbols at the time. She captivated audiences with her beauty and talent.

Hargitay was born on August 1, 1960, in Santa Monica, California, USA. He is a Leo. His personality traits match his zodiac sign, he seems confident, charming, and has great leadership qualities. What is he up to nowadays? Let’s find out.

Net Worth Status

Zoltan Hargitay is reported to have an estimated net worth of $200,000. He is currently working on building and constructing sets in Hollywood. He has decided not to share his salary and income information with anyone.

Jayne Mansfield is posing wearing a furry coat and white gloves.
Jayne Mansfield in a Photoshoot (Source: Pinterest)

Zoltan’s mom, Jayne Mansfield, was super rich at the time of her death. She made a lot of money from her job as an actor. That’s pretty cool because she got $10,000 for her role in “A Guide for the Married Man.”

Even though she made a lot of money, it’s still surprising that after she died, Mansfield was still in debt. For instance, She owed around $11,000 for an extensive wardrobe of lingerie. This unexpected financial detail sheds light on the complexities of celebrity finances and the challenges that can arise, even for those who have achieved significant success in the entertainment industry.

What is Zoltan’s Relationship Status?

It’s unknown whether Zoltan Hargitay is single, married, or in a relationship. There are few reports which suggest that he might be married. But, be careful when taking this information as there isn’t any concrete evidence to support it.

As far as we know, there’s not much information about Zoltan’s romantic relationships. When it comes to hearsay about famous people, it’s always a good idea to take it with a grain of salt until you get the confirmed news or statement from the official source.

About Zoltan Siblings

Zoltan Hargitay is part of a diverse and talented family. His siblings include Jayne Marie Mansfield, born on November 8, 1950, to Jayne and her father Paul Mansfield. Mickey Hargitay Jr., born on December 21, 1958, is another sibling, and his father is Mickey Hargitay.

Zoltan Hargitay and his siblings are posing based on their height.
Zoltan Hargitay with his siblings (Source: Pinterest)

Additionally, Tony Cimber, born on October 18, 1965, is part of this unique family, and his father is Matt Cimber. This diverse group of siblings brings together a blend of talents, interests, and backgrounds, each contributing to the rich tapestry of their family history and collective experiences.

What Does Hargitay Do For a Living?

Zoltan is actively involved in the world of filmmaking. He is contributing to the magic of Hollywood through his work in building and constructing sets. He serves as a Producer, Real Estate professional, and Propmaker at Local 44 IATSE, located in Studio City, Los Angeles.

Zoltan has been a dedicated member of this company since January 2002, showcasing his commitment to the industry over the years. His multifaceted role involves not only the physical construction of sets but also delves into the realms of production and real estate, demonstrating a diverse skill set within the entertainment business.

Has Featured in his Father’s Documentary

Zoltan played a notable role in the documentary “Mr. Universe,” which focused on his father, Mickey Hargitay. This 1988 documentary unfolds as two Hungarian filmmakers set out on a journey to rediscover their father, a former bodybuilder, and the 1955 Mr. Universe.

Jayne Mansfield is posing as Mickey Hargitay is standing behind him.
Zoltan Hargitay’s parents, Mickey Hargitay and Jayne Mansfield (Source: Pinterest)

The filmmakers traverse America in search of Mickey and manage to reunite with him, capturing his life and story on film. Zoltan, along with his siblings, makes appearances in the documentary, providing a personal and intimate glimpse into the life of the former Mr. Universe.

Education Background

Zoltan Hargitay’s educational background includes studying at the University of Notre Dame. He was a part of the Class of 1982. While information about his academic journey is available, details about his specific area of study or career focus during his time at the university are a secret.

Zoltan’s choice to keep aspects of his education private adds a layer of mystery to his life story. Despite the limited details on his academic pursuits, it is evident that he has successfully transitioned into a career involving construction, production, and real estate within the entertainment industry.

Near-death experience alongside his Mother

That was a very unfortunate day on the 29th of June, 1967 when Jayne Mansfield lost her life. The cause was an automobile accident that happened in New Orleans. The accident happened while she was in the car with her lawyer and friend, Sam Brody, and the driver, Ronnie Harrison. The collision had happened with the rear of a trailer truck, as reported in History.

What’s scary is that Mansfield’s children, including Zoltan, Mickey, and Mariska, were sleeping in the backseat of a car. It was later found out that he and his siblings would have met the same unfortunate end if they hadn’t laid down. This event serves as a clear indication of the unpredictable nature of life and how small events can shape our future in a significant manner.

Other Work as a Film Carpenter

Zoltan is extremely skilled in carpentry, which is why he has made a lot of significant contributions to the art department of movies. His contributions to movies like “Retroactive,” (where he played the lead carpenter) “T-Force,” “Reflections on a Crime,” and “Shrunken Heads” demonstrate his diverse skills in creating the visual elements of films.

In the TV show, “The Morning Show” which is hosted by Alex Aniston’s brother, Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon (who played the sisters in F.R.I.E.N.D.S.), Zoltan played a standby carpenter in two episodes. His commitment to his profession is demonstrated through this role. He is an essential figure in creating the vibrant and lifelike visuals we see on screen through his work as a technician.


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